Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Girls Reunited

I read somewhere that twin girls are closer and more in tune with each other than twin boys, and certainly more than a boy/girl set.  I can't speak for all twins, but Vicki and Andorra, (my girls), today are both seniors at the same university, have similar friends, and finish each other's sentences.  They are masters at Pictionary if on the same team---one only has to draw a little squiggle and the other instantly knows what she meant to draw. As a team, they can go around the gameboard twice as fast as the other unfortunate pairs!
Andorra left, Vicki right
Vicki left, Andorra right
For them to be apart from each other for an extended time is rare, but recently, Vicki went on a Marine Biology trip down the east coast for three weeks.  She had a wonderful time, and Andorra certainly was independent minded and kept busy here at home with work and friends. I noticed that she did sigh occasionally, and wish for her sister.
       Well,  Vicki returned today---and they both have been hanging around together since!   Welcome home!

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