Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clicky Sticky Halloween on iPad, Communication Boards, and Fun!

This will probably be my last Halloween posting before the Big Day, some kids' favorite day.  I have done some google searches and there's lots of Halloween apps out there, but one that seemed to lend itself to choice making and fun was Clicky Sticky Halloween Sticker Book.  It was cheap--$1.99, so I bought it with my own money.

Communication board with paired iPad
   I'm trying more and more to augment the iPad experience for kids with custom-made communication boards.  In Clicky Sticky's case, I captured screen shots and made a few boards for different parts of the app.  The purpose of the communication boards was to facilitate more language for requesting, answering questions and commenting when enjoying the iPad together.  Often, kids will gravitate to an iPad, and start pressing buttons or icons, and not offer eye contact, or converse with the adult who is next to them.  By adding a simple communication board, with the adult maintaining a little control over the iPad, the child uses more language, and there is cconversational exchange.

selecting costumes
 There is one area in Clicky Sticky where the child has to choose costumes for the virtual paper dolls.  It's a fun spot, and all the kids want to do this.  The choices are extensive, and cutting and pasting the choices into more onto a simple board did help eliminate the random picking, and aimless ipad wandering.  They picked their favorites and we verbally described the ones that were chosen. The kids enthusiastically commented on their final products, and this was a springboard into what they would like to wear for trick or treating.

final product
dragging costumes onto 'paper dolls'

The point of all of this is that the iPad functions here as a very motivating object for joint attention and communication.  By adding communication boards, choices are more thoughtful, and more language is generated in making choices.  I can't wait to find some simple Thanksgiving apps, and do the same type of communication enhancements!
Making candy choices.


  1. All of the November revenue for the original ClickySticky application is being donated to Autism Speaks.