Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

When I went gluten-free, one thing I really missed was pumpkin pie.  I had never made my own pie crusts anyway, and I just thought that ready-made pie crusts that were gluten-free were nonexistent.  I was elated, then, when I found gluten-free pie crusts in the freezer section of Whole Foods.  This opened up a new world to me, so for this Thanksgiving dinner, my daughter, Vicki, made delicious pumpkin pies. I ate quite a bit.

The recipe was from a blog I love--- The Gluten Free Girl. The consistency of this pie was lighter than what I was used to, and delicious.  Real cream, ricotta cheese, and pumpkin were some of the ingredients.  Go here for the whole thing.   We used canned pumpkin rather than cooking down a pumpkin.  As I said before, I used frozen crusts.  It worked for my family!  Hope it helps with yours!

Finished---ready for whipped cream!

ready for lunch

Gluten Free Pomegranete Beef Stew--main course for lunch

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