Friday, November 25, 2011

Simple tutorial on adding Boardmaker icons to Proloquo2Go

I love Proloquo2Go.  It's easy to use, portable with the iPad, and inexpensive.  I also love Boardmaker, and with the kids in my school, we use both.  For group activities, I often print out topic boards with Boardmaker, and the schedules are all made with Boardmaker. Books are adapted with Boardmaker symbols--in short, with all of the printed materials, Boardmaker rules.  Children are more familiar with the Boardmaker icons.  I personally think they are a little easier to understand.

I recently saw a question posted on how to use Boardmaker icons in Proloquo2Go.  There are several ways to add them in, and I'll show one super simple way today if you have an iPad 2.  For the most part, I've been happy with the icons in Proloquo2Go, but it's very possible that a child needs a consistent icon in both systems.  For this tutorial, I'll show how to import Boardmaker's "I want" symbol.  You need to actually have Boardmaker installed on a computer to do this. 

Taking a picture with the iPad 2
The first step is to open Boardmaker on the computer, and pull up the "I want" symbol.  Make it big, and then take a picture of it with your iPad 2.  With the camera feature, you can zoom a bit.  Try to do that.

Also, since Proloquo2Go adds text to go with the icon, I took out the text on Boardmaker......I only had the icon up as you can see in the picture.

Once your picture of the icon is in your iPad 2 camera roll, you can crop it so it looks centered.
You will need OS 5 to crop within the camera roll.
If you don't have OS 5, you can probably use the picture you just took as is.  It may not look as polished and professional, but that's OK most of the time.  The kids don't mind!

Once you have the picture of the icon the way you want, import it into your communication board!
If you don't know how to import photos, go back to the Proloquo2Go tutorials online.  

Adding the Boardmaker icon to Proloquo2Go communication board
Boardmaker on left; Proloquo2Go on right
For my next tutorial, I'll tell you what to do if you don't have an iPad 2. Please let me know if you have questions.  I plan on posting on how to import if you don't have an iPad 2, and how to do screen captures which is another way to import symbols.


  1. Super helpful, I have a folder of about 70 board maker symbols that I created into .jpg to use with the Tap to Talk app b4 symbols were included, txs

  2. An easy way to get Boardmaker symbols into P2G without having to crop, and with a professional looking result - if you are familiar with Dropbox, and have it on your iPad:

    1. Make the big symbol without the word in Boardmaker as described above.
    2. Instead of taking a picture of it with the crappy ipad camera, use the "Grab" application on a Mac or the "Snipping Tool" on a Windows PC and take a screenshot using that application.
    3. Save the screenshot with a recognizable name into your Dropbox.
    4. Open Dropbox on your iPad and download your screenshot(s) to your camera roll (I usually do them in batches).
    5. Open Proloquo and import the pictures as needed...

    This is actually an extremely fast and easy way to get very nice looking boardmaker icons into just about any visual app you would like to use...