Saturday, February 18, 2012

Applying YouTube editing skills --Free Smartboard Lesson

After the North Carolina Augmentative Communication Association conference, I went home and (after chilling for a bit with a glass of wine) started to work on applying my new-found skill in downloading and editing YouTube videos for a short Smartboard lesson.

You may recall that I've recently uploaded a series of animals and verbs books for free download, with the most recent one being "Counting Horses".  This book shows still shots of horses walking, jumping, running, eating.....  So I thought it would be nice to also show real action.   I converted four YouTube videos, and edited them with iMovie to show both the Boardmaker icon, and a short segment of the horse doing the action.  During the Smartboard lesson, the children are read/shown a question. (e.g. "Which horse is jumping?")  They then have to select the correct icon from a field of two on the Smartboard, and are rewarded with a short video of the horse doing the pictured action.  

 This is nothing fancy, but hopefully, if you use Notebook software, you can download it to use with your kids.  Let me know what you think!  My main goal was to learn to imbed videos that I had edited.
I met my goal---hopefully, this new skill of mine will help the kids achieve theirs.

Download the Notebook File Here---What Can Horses do?


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