Sunday, February 12, 2012

ClickySticky SuperHeroes--Kids make choices

Do you want to engage kids (who may be hard to engage otherwise)?   Would you like to have them make choices?  Do you have an iPad?   The answer is here!    It's called ClickySticky Superheroes and well worth the $1.99 price tag. This is one of the clicky sticky series that I've written about---Clicky Sticky Christmas, and Clicky Sticky Halloween being the previous two.  All are popular, all lend themselves to choice making using simple communication boards, and all are just plain fun for the kids.  I've uploaded a couple of videos just to demonstrate me engaged in superhero action! 

This particular app has cars that go, and super heroes that fly.  You can pull down tornadoes or burning buildings. You can also build a supercar or build a superhero, which we didn't do just yet.  Each screen has an animation button which is super motivating and they all want to either tell me to make it go, ask to touch the 'go' button, or use a communication board to ask.  The background music is a bit catchy too. 

I made a very simple communication board----
-Boardmaker here;
 pdf here
Take your pick.  It's is just for the "car and flying hero" scene. . If you go to the app, you'll see there are several options at the startup screen--I chose the street scene option for this day.   I'm sure I'll expand the board and icon options as the kids get more familiar with the app.  I'm starting with simple, but want to always make sure that the ipad is used as a tool for expanding communication, and not just to grab and touch. 

My student wanting the animation to 'go'!
Image from Google--looks fun to me!!!!


  1. haha, we must be on the same wavelength Ruth! THis looks great!

  2. This was one of the most clicked links at Thrifty Thursday last week! Hope to see you this week also! Thanks for this review...I need to check this app out! :D