Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Kite Book to Download!

Title Page
 I'm still on the kite theme and want to share one more book.  This is one that I found on Tarheel Reader, and rewrote the sentences.  This book has a repetitive carrier phrase with the only difference among the many pages being the adjective.

( Too bad it has been chilly this week.  The big warm up is due next week which will be great kite-flying weather! This activity will keep us all in 'kite mentality'!) 

I also made a sentence strip, along with icons for the kids to manipulate.  With my little group today, once they used the sentence strip, I had them go back and point to and read the words in the book. They can then tell which kite they liked the best.  I was going to later have them draw or cut out, decorate, and describe their kites (not real ones--just craft).  That will happen next week.  We could probably use the same adjectives and sentence strip for that activity as well!  We could even add pages to the book using photos of their creations!   Lots of possibilities here!

As a FYI---I laminated the icons, but not the pages in the book.  That would have been a lot of laminating film which gets expensive. 

I made this student go back, and point to the words while he read.

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Click here to download the book

Click here to download the icons and sentence strip in Boardmaker

Click here to download the icons and sentence strip in pdf


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  1. thanks!! I just printed your other kite book and will be using it next week! Loved the bunnies book this week!!!!