Sunday, April 29, 2012

What is on the Flowers? printable book

This is a printable adapted book centered around spring vocabulary---bugs, flowers, animals.  (Snow can also be part of spring if you're from New York!)  The original book was downloaded from Tarheel Reader, but I changed the picture captions into sentences, and added 4 pages. (My co-worker said she likes 10 pages to make for easier data collection.)   I also made the Boardmaker icon page, and the little surprise ending.  We'll see if the kids can get it!

screenshot of one page (the New York spring page!)

screenshot (maybe the North Carolina spring page)

icons and sentence strip


  1. It isn't linking me to the book. It sends me to an error page.

  2. I can't print the book it says I can't edit and shows the margin

  3. This is the link in Google docs. You can't edit, but you can print.

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