Friday, May 18, 2012

Angry Birds OVER and BETWEEN printable book

I've decided to join the Angry Birds fad, and came up with my very own printable book to target the prepositions OVER and BETWEEN.  If you have a real angry birds game (real blocks and little plastic birds and pigs), you can also demonstrate some of the concepts.  That would be fun!  If not, you can do a demo some other creative way----you all are bursting with creativity!  I always read about it on Pinterest and in your own blogs.

So it's Friday night, I'm tired, and I won't go into lengthy explanations.  This is a simple printable.

I've targeted the two prepositions, and I've made the pages rhyme, and I have a cute little ending. There are two different subjects (red and yellow angry birds). There are icons at the end with a written suggestion for use.  I find that other SLPs find very creative ways to use my materials.  I'm always eager for suggestions and new uses, so feel free to comment.

sample page
boardmaker download--see link below

sample page
Click here to download Angry Birds in Boardmaker

Click here to download Angry Birds in pdf

I bought the Angry Birds Knock on Wood game, by the way.  The kids love it!  I use it in many ways.
 Good night!  and Happy Friday!



  1. What I specifically like about this post is how you've taken what most would consider a non-educational app, and found a lesson in it. Really nice!

    1. Jim! Fancy meeting you here! Kids are very motivated by Angry Birds, action figures, etc.... so whatever motivates them is what I try to use.

      To all my readers out there, Jim Tignor (OT, and AT leader) is the author of a great blog himself. Check out

  2. What a great idea!! Thanks to the Angry Bird motivation, my kids are going to pick up on these concepts quickly!