Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crabs Everywhere! An 'on' and 'under' printable book

The regular school year has ended!  I have a week off and then Extended School Year (ESY) begins. 
ESY is pretty cool---it's like a big speech therapy camp!  There's no IEP meetings, no assessments, no RtI meetings, only adorable kids in small classrooms.  Typically I have a graduate intern working with me, and we have fun with speech groups, and working with individual students.   We all have a good time!

I thought I would get an early start here, and make some ocean themed materials, since the OT and I typically have a theme going.  The ocean/beach fits into water days and the hot season.  Here is my first book---not very imaginative since it's similar to several other books I've done.   My kids, however, enjoy repetition and predictability.  Having a similar structure to the various books is good---the kids learn the language for one, and then the book is changed slightly.  They can then learn new language, while practicing what they had learned previously.  It works for me!  I hope it does for you too!     It's 14 pages plus icons.

FYI: The title page of the book is the 13th page of the pdf and Boardmaker file.  The last page of the book is the beach page.  Icons and sentence strip are at the end.  You cut out the icons, leave the sentence strip intact, and have the kids fill in the sentence with the correct noun.  They can then read the page to you.


last page

icons and sentence strip screenshot

Click here to download the book in Boardmaker

Click here to download the book in pdf




  1. Thanks so much for sharing such a cool resource. Love the humor and many opportunities to teach commenting. Thanks again, very appreciated.

  2. That looks like a brilliant resource and so funny.

  3. Visiting from the Sunday Showcase, this is a great resource!

  4. Love your books- but I noticed a misprint on one page instead of Crabs you had written Ants. Is it possible to fix and repost this? I'd love to use it!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I think it's fixed now.