Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yellow Fish, Yellow Fish; What do you see?

I've just written my 'masterpiece'  entitled "Yellow Fish, Yellow Fish" (to go along with the upcoming ESY ocean theme).  If it sounds very similar in structure to the book "Brown Bear" that's because it is.  This book was created on Tarheel Reader (by me), but then I loaded it into Google docs for ease of viewing and downloading.  It's 11 pages long.
Download for your kids!  I also have a page of icons you can use to adapt the book.  Laminate the pages, use velcro, and make it all manipulative!

The book is here. 

The icons are here in Boardmaker

The icons are here in pdf



  1. Very nice - Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great. It looks the right level for my daughter so I will give it a try. I think she'll love the real pictures.