Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 Angry Birds---work on number concepts with this interactive book

This was a great weekend!  I entered my first 5K---more reflections about that in a later post.  I think the additional exercise got my creative juices flowing, and I designed a little book based around two familiar themes.  The first theme is the repetitive backward counting book pattern that most kids really like (such as "Five Little Pumpkins").  The second theme is Angry Birds that many kids play on their mom's iPhone.  Put these together, and you have a cute little rhyming book!

screenshot of the entire boardmaker creation
I'll be honest---I haven't printed this out and tested it on the kids yet (It's Sunday night), but I couldn't wait to share it, so here it is!  I think it's simple, it follows curriculum goals for the early grades, it's motivating, and it can be used to target a number of speech and language goals. Both teacher and therapist can use it!   Have fun! Here are the download links:

5 Angry Birds in Boardmaker

5 Angry Birds in pdf

Page 1 screenshot

another screenshot
Me before the 5k experience


  1. Thank you. My grandson will love this book.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. A lot of my students love Angry Birds!