Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bears Like...... (printable book, icons, and fun)

I've been hinted at that the "Bears Unit" starts in January.  On one hand, January is soooo far away, but wait!  We basically have only one week of Christmas break, so it's actually right around the wintry corner.    So for my friend over at a neighboring elementary school, here is the cutest little bear book ever.  A very lovely unknown person created it here on Tarheel Reader; I then put it into Google Drive, and added a page of icons and a sentence strip.  I also changed out some of the pictures if they were labeled 'all rights reserved' for sharable images.  All images in the book are attributed to the photographer though links.

What I like about it:

  • the cute little stuffed bears, of course!
  • the patterned sentence starter, with a little twist at the end
  • the vocabulary
  • the photographs
If you are doing a bear unit, you can't go wrong here.   Print, cut up and velcro the icons, use the sentence strips, and act it all out with your stuffed bears!

Title Page

 Click here to download "Bears Like..."
in Google Drive

Click here to download icons in pdf

Click here to download icons in boardmaker
sentence strips and icons

more icons

I'm sure I'll have more bear and wintry stuff to come.  Keep checking back!


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