Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Judge or Not to Judge

I've sat on both sides of the IEP table.  As a mom, the parent side is a difficult one. The words spoken and reports read can haunt you for years.

 In schools, lots of people find it easy to pass judgement on the moms and dads.  I keep this quote or similar ones in the forefront of my mind, daily.


  1. Very true! I found that my whole attitude toward parents changed right after my son was born. My child may not have the same issues as the children I service, but I have found I have a whole new respect for all parents! Thanks for the gentle reminder :)

  2. I am an advocate for positive thinking and not judging! Thanks for the great quote! I am not a parent, but I don't pretend to know better than the parents of the children I service either! Like Carrie said- good reminder =D