Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shoes--more adjectives! (Printable Book plus Icons)

This is short and sweet.  A few days ago, I posted a book about hats.  Each hat was a different color, and the photographs were terrific--all from Tarheel Reader.

 Now, I am happy to post another book featuring adjectives---this time about shoes.  I looked and can't find the original shoes book on Tarheel Reader, but the book I adapted does have the author's last name on the cover.  If I find the original, I promise to link back.  Tarheel Reader had overhauled its website, so maybe this made the book harder to find. 

In the meantime, enjoy "Shoes".  The adjective vocabulary is definitely more advanced than simple colors, and some words require a bit of prior knowledge to truly 'get'.  However, I'm reading this anyway to my EC kids--they'll understand some, and we'll have a conversation about others.  A book is a springboard to more learning!  Kids need to move beyond colors and 'big and little', so this will help.

I think we'll bring in lots of shoes, and the kids can practice describing them, trying them on, and requesting others.  Fun!

 Screenshots and photos are below, as are links to download.

screenshot of icons

I loved the little dog booties!

Click Here to Download the Book

Click Here to Download the icons in Boardmaker

Click Here to Download the icons in pdf

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Such a cute book!!! I am wondering about those "fish shoes" and "fly shoes" though. I'm not sure I would wear those personally... haha :)

    ~Ms. Lane

  2. P.S. I also like using shoes and other clothes for sorting activities... you mentioned colors and big/small but you could do boy shoes/girl shoes, grownup shoes/kid shoes, winter shoes/summer shoes, tall shoes/short shoes, etc.