Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strawberry Season!!! Free printable and icons

Strawberry season is almost here (sorry if you live up north, in which case you'll need to be a bit more patient).  Since we had a cool spring, the sweet juicy red fruit has been delayed a week or two, but I keep looking for ads from the Pick-Your-Own places so I can drive out and load up the car with quarts of them!  When we were actually allowed to give unpackaged food to children, we had a strawberry fest in my room every year.   These were always a real treat for all the kids since nothing beats a vine-ripened strawberry! 

In honor of strawberries, I've created a strawberry counting book.  Icons are included with it, and there's a cute ending the kids will love. 

 Download link is at the bottom.

 Please remember, if you are a speech pathologist, to vote for your ASHA president and board.
Typically, only 3% do which is puzzling.  Go here for more information.
 I don't charge for my materials or ask for anything, ever, but today I'm asking you to vote.  A couple of the candidates are well-versed in school-related issues.      

Now after you vote, click here to download 'Counting Strawberries' book and icons.  Free as usual.



  1. Ruth, thanks for these wonderful resource and your efforts to increase voting among ASHA members!

  2. I voted! Thank you so much for the reminder and all that you do!

    1. Thank you both for voting and for your nice words.