Friday, June 28, 2013

Who Swims? printable book and icons (free as usual)

Happy Friday everyone!

 Here's a new book for the summer.  The original was on Tarheel Reader HERE.
I downloaded it and changed a few things to fit my kids' needs.   You may recall that all of my verbs books have kept the noun constant while varying the verbs.  This book keeps the verb constant.  This book is at the instructional level of most of my ESY children, so if you have children who are also learning basic sentence structure and combining words, this is the book for you! 

I chose the verb 'swim' to go along with the summer themes.  Look for subsequent summer verbs in later posts!

Click here to download the book.

Icons to go with this book are in the same download. 


  1. Thank you! Beautiful pictures as always!

  2. Thanks so much for creating and sharing books like these!