Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Five Little Snowmen---printable book and props

Happy New Year everyone!

I've been on a bit of a blogging vacation--busy with family and relaxing.  I'm so grateful for the two weeks off.

To continue with the snowman theme, I found a book (Five Little Snowmen) on Tarheel Reader, downloaded it, and changed out some of the pictures.  It's a little long, and if you don't want to print, you can just display it on the Smartboard or your computer while you read it with your kids. I know everyone doesn't have budgets that allow paper and colored ink.   The pictures depict more actions with people, so you need snowman props.  (See the next paragraph).

 You will want to print  the props---very simply a sled and five snowmen, and the Snow Mom. (See below for links to everything--book and props).  Print the sled and snowmen, glue on sturdy paper, laminate, velcro, and you've got it!  The kids can take off the snowmen one by one after each disaster.   Snow Mom is separate--laminate and attach to something the kids can hold up each time she ineffectively lectures the snowmen.  The snowman poem and props are now on Teachers Pay Teachers, along with another Snowman book.  If you feel you can not afford to purchase these but need them for your kids, send me an email, and I'll send the link free, no questions asked. 

cover page of book

sample page

Click here to download the book.

Click here to download the props in pdf. 
(this comes imbedded in a bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers.
If you feel you can not afford it, send me an email, and I will
send you the link, no questions asked. It's all about helping kids)

props--print, glue on sturdy cardstock, laminate, velcro


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