Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? Smartboard activity

Ahhh!  Snow day in North Carolina!  We had a whopping two inches---an event that shut everything down.  School let out early yesterday with the threat of snow (it didn't start until 8:00 pm), and I stayed home in my pajamas all day today.  I'm actually from the north originally, so this scenario is extremely humorous to my family living in Erie.

During my time at home, I created a Smartboard activity to go with the extremely popular viral video--
"What Does the Fox Say?"

I'm blown away by amazing creativity and energy---this video with its kooky costumes and characters, energy displayed in dance and music, and child-like lyrics leaves me in awe.  The lyrics start out with names of animals and the sounds they make, so this is the bulk of the Smartboard lesson.   It's simple---my kids need simple.  Afterwards, they can dance!

The adult reads the question.  Kids pick the right animal.  When they touch the animal, they can hear the appropriate sound effect (made by me!).
They can drag the animal picture up to the right place on the board if they want.  They can imitate the animal noise too. (I had a lot of trouble with the line in the song where the elephant goes 'toot')

This was a lot of fun to make, and incorporates mainstream music into a language activity for our more special children. 

 This last part of the activity was actually inspired by CC over at Super Power Speech.  She created a free paper activity---mine is similar but on the Smartboard.  Kids can hear the sound when touching the choice, or make up their own sound.
They may laugh a little, and hopefully their teachers will too!

Click here to download the Smartboard activity on Notebook.



  1. I love this !!!!!! I don't have Notebook, and haven't been able to figure out how to download the video of What does the Fox say ? nor the activity you did for Smartboard. What can you suggest I use to save this on, so I can use it in school with my kids ? It will have them up and dancing, that is for sure. Thanks, Phyllis

  2. The video is on YouTube, so if you have wifi at your school, you can play it on your computer. I don't know if Notebook software is compatible with any other software.

  3. Hi Ruth, I'm the online community manager of SMART's blog. Can we re-blog your post? -Sam