Sunday, March 30, 2014

School Lunch in London

I'm in London staying in a private home through AirBnB.  This is such a nice way to travel!  One of the perks is you get a glimpse of life here through the way your host lives.

Posting things on the front of the refrigerator seems to be common across cultures and my hostess had the school lunch menu displayed.

Here are some sample entrées....

-Organic beef and basil spaghetti
-Mexican lamb chili with rice
-Caribbean fish with mashed potato
-Shepards pie with new potato

What I didn't see? (typical American school lunch), nachos, chicen nuggets, chocolate milk

A quick internet seach revealed england has an obesity problem (24%) compared to US 35% but maybe they are ahead in combating the problem in school lunch choices.

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  1. I had a school lunch in Germany. Even though the German food was exceptionally good, the lunch was not!