Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is the Pizza Partitioned? Musings about a state Common Core assessment

First Grade NC DPI math assessment

 I have written before about Common Core vocabulary.  For my children with language challenges, the vocabulary needs to be directly taught and I've developed a few simple assessments for this purpose.  You can look at kindergarten vocabulary HERE, and first grade vocabulary HERE.

Today, I read aloud a required state math assessment to a first grader and was a bit surprised (shocked).
Someone at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction who developed this assessment has never actually spoken to a first grader.  I'm not against Common Core, but just because the Common Core standards are written in adult language doesn't mean that the same language needs to be used for a child's assessment.   Naturally, in this case, I deviated from the text given me and reduced the language a bit. 

Delaware already wrote their same assessment in slightly more child-friendly language, as shown below.  I guess someone in their department knows kids.

From Delaware DOE

 When you are at a party, is the pizza divided or partitioned?  Let's encourage state education departments to think about real world language a little bit with 6-year-olds, especially when just writing test directions.

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