Monday, March 23, 2015

Social Detective Jeopardy---free Smartboard download

My students this year have been working hard to understand the core concepts of Social Thinking.

Now it's time for the 'test'.
Social Detective Jeopardy!  
 I found the template on Smart Exchange, if you are interested.

There are 5 categories:
-Social Smarts and School Smarts
-Expected and Unexpected 
-Whole Body Listening
-Wacky Guess vs. Smart Guess

The game is simple.  You need Notebook software on your computer.  Download this game at the link below. Students take turns picking a category and point amount. Touch the number and presto!  A question shows up.  Move the purple rectangle to reveal the answer. Lots of questions are a bit open-ended, so you and the kids can have a discussion.  I don't penalize anyone for an answer though. Award points at the top---just slide numbers in the appropriate rectangle.  The students can practice adding!

Have fun!!!!

Click here to download Social Detective Jeopardy
  The first two slides are instructions.  Look beyond that for the actual game.



  1. Your link only allows you to download the Jeopardy template.

    1. Did you look past the first two slides? I had no problem downloading this.