Monday, June 29, 2015

Dotty---Short Film to Watch and Ponder

I love the blog Film English, mainly because the author highlights short films, and I love shorts.
This author, Kieran Donaghy, actually is highlighting and providing lesson plans for English language teachers at the secondary level--but I look over his virtual shoulder and watch too!

One film he showed me was Dotty.  This was an awesome illustration of human interaction set in a nursing home in England.  A review is here: "This beautiful film tells the story of a lifetime in the span of 11 minutes. The simple, yet elegantly crafted tale begins with an elderly woman in a full care facility who wants to send a text message to her daughter.

A young woman brings her tea, but before the elderly woman will drink it, before she will do anything else, she must send this text to her daughter.

The young woman tries to help, but of course there is difficulty mastering the technology. Just when her patience has run out, so has yours. At different moments you will empathize with each of the women.

This film was a favorite at the 2013 Naples Film Festival

As speech-language pathologists, we have all been there---mustering patience, modifying our language, putting ourselves in the shoes of the other person.  We often have to let go of our own agenda, and honor the agenda of our client whether the person is 5 or 85. As I get older, I empathize more and more with Dotty.  I could be her someday, and only hope that I am treated with respect and patience as I navigate my world the best I can. 

  I'm curious as to what do you readers think about the younger woman's interactions as she shifted from "talking at" Dotty, to actually providing instructions on how to send a text message?  

I highly recommend this film on many levels.

Go HERE to watch this short film on Vimeo (10 minutes).   

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