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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Embracing Your Past--sponsored by Geocaching

I'm not one to get all teary-eyed about the past--it is what it is. It never really occurred to me to see where my parents or ancestors grew up.  My husband, however, has been doing research and found the house in Steelton, Pennsylvania where my dad was raised.  Since we were traveling through the area, we decided to check it out.  My grandparents and their kids lived in the house here from about 1920 until 1945.  My grandfather worked in the steel industry---back then, thriving.

Grandparents home in Steelton

Alas!  It's being auctioned off!!!

peeking in through the window--if walls could talk!
After finding the house, and taking some pictures, my husband and I wanted to continue our trip out of town.  I plugged in one random geocache into the GPS---it took us here, to Steelton Veteran's Park.  

Steelton Veteran's Park
 Steelton Veteran's Park---my first thought was to just find the cache, a dinky magnetic container; nothing special.   If you don't know what geocaching is, click here

Then I took a look at the list of names of the veterans on the WWII memorial.  I thought to myself that there sure were a lot of Steelton people who died in WWII; then I realized that it was a list of the veterans, most of who survived.

When I looked closely, I found my dad's name.
(Norman Howells) 

 I had no prior knowledge of this park. 

I'm still amazed at how a random selection on a GPS brought me to this site, and am grateful to have been here.   I'm sure that my father would have felt honored to have his name posted. (This is the part for me that brings tears.)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ASHA Unconventional---the day before

Luxurious digs through AirBnB--more similar to a hostel
 For those of you who are not speech pathologists, let me explain.  I'm going to attend a convention tomorrow--the American Speech and Language Association national convention in Atlanta.  To make it a family adventure, my husband came along (he has no interest in ASHA though).  Today was the pre-ASHA fun day for me.  I'll just post the pictures here--you read the captions and notes--you'll see that sometimes, we like more of the unconventional.

Day care center with actual bars--we walk by this to get to MARTA

3 stops to the convention

Took in some geocaching.  This guy wanted to know what we were doing.

 What would a Morgan trip be without geocaching? Look at the photo above and you'll see that not everyone knows it's simply a high tech treasure hunt with a GPS.  The Andrew Young statue has a geocache hidden under his shoe---tricky to find!

I needed to pick up my packet of stuff for ASHA--beating the long lines that will be there tomorrow.  Over 10,000 of us are converging on the convention center!

We visited the Martin Luther King National Historic Site.  Everyone needs to go there.
This cart carried his casket

MLK birth home

 We walked around historic Oakland Cemetery for a bit (geocaching).  Notice the name of the restaurant/bar in the background.

Underground Atlanta

Tomorrow, I'll be sitting in seminars.  Today, I feel like I got a taste of the real Atlanta.  I love where our room is---in a house, in a neighborhood, literally on the other side of the tracks.  I'll keep you posted on how the next few days go!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia

David and I are still on a road trip.  Now we are in Lewisburg WV which is a very cute small town with lots of touristy shops, antique stores and restaurants.  There are several of historical sites here, and we've enjoyed walking around looking at all of the old houses (some of them former log cabins).  Lewisburg is also close to the Greenbrier River Trail----a 78 mile rail to trail.  I love rail to trails! 
Obligatory geocaching--not too many here

Lily pads

One cool thing about this trail is the tunnel.
Short and unlit, kids would love it!

There is lots of private property, camps, farms, and fields bordering the trail with a variety of things to look at (from a distance).  The photo to the left shows a swinging bridge across the river.  I was dying to go on it, but resisted the urge since it was private. 

The trail is 78 miles long and goes through some of the most remote areas of West Virginia.  We saw few bikers----and biked 30 miles total over two days.  I highly recommend it!
Canadian geese

Another view of the trail

screenshot of our bnb description

We are staying at a very sweet bed and breakfast, by the way.  We found this place through the Air BnB website.    If you like meeting new people, and less expensive but cleaner places to stay, check out the website.  I've already reserved an AirBnB place in Atlanta for 50 dollars a night for the convention in November.
Our bike ride (both days) ended on a wet note!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breaks Interstate Park---part of a geocaching vacation

 I'm on a road trip with David (A.K.A. Tool King in the geocaching world).  We have made a two night stop at Breaks Interstate Park---a beautiful area overlapping Virginia and Kentucky.   David was highly motivated to geocache and bike---biking was a bit hilly, but we managed to get around for a few hours, and also take in some scenery.

If you want to go someplace cool, this is a great place.  There's something for everyone---hiking, biking, horses, pool, camping, cabins, hotel, and definitely geocaching! 

I go back to school in a couple of weeks.  Where has the summer gone?

Map of all the caches to find

Grand Canyon of the East

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

McCall Cemetery---Geocaching fun

I'm far away from my speech office; on vacation; sipping wine; watching the Olympics in my in-laws' family room.  I do have a few ideas for new speech therapy materials in mind, but these haven't yet evolved to the publishing stage yet---wait a couple of weeks and I'll be exploding with materials and ideas to share! 

For now, I just want to describe my latest Geocaching adventure.  David and I took a little hiking trip into Pisgah National Forest today.  Our goal was a cemetery which used to be on a Civil War era farm---McCall Cemetery.  This was a cool hike there on a beautiful day.   Again, had it not been for geocaching, I never would have experienced moments such as this. 

For a more descriptive account of this cemetery, go HERE

I would love to be able to look back into time to see the people and the lives they led!

McCall Cemetery

A little shot of nature while hiking to the cache

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Caching Down the American Tobacco Trail

The trail
 The American Tobacco Trail is a Rail to Trail that my husband and I love.  Today we went bike riding and were on a mission to find three geocaches on the section of the trail that is to be closed next week for a year long upgrade. Geocaching involves using a handheld GPS to find treasure boxes, in this case, in the woods.

This was a fun way to spend a beautiful day.  Check out this if you need to know what geocaching is.

 Cache number one was a bison tube attached to a lizard which was in a tree, deep in the woods.  This was a lot of fun, and easy to find.  The paper log to sign our names was in the bison tube.

Bison tube holds the sign in sheet.

The next cache was deeper in the woods.  We actually missed the trail going in and had to make our way through some dense pine tree stands.

The cache, placed by the same person as the lizard cache, was a dodo bird container.  Again, it was cute and easy to find.  We signed the log, replaced it and moved on!

dodo bird cache

The last cache----very easy!  Kids would love this!

Tool King signing the log

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Love Spanish Moss!

I'm in Jacksonville Florida right now-- staying at an Air BnB, geocaching, biking on the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail to Trail, and admiring all of the Spanish moss.  It's awesome!  Especially the moss.

Moss Heaven!
a little detour through the pine forest off the rail to trail.  Beautiful Day!
Seemed to be a herd of longhorn cattle near the bike trail.