Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If you have a PC---using Boardmaker images in Proloquo2Go

I've posted two tutorials---one for a super easy way to put Boardmaker icons into Proloquo2Go with an iPad 2, and the other was importing Boardmaker icons into Proloquo2Go if you have a MacBook and an iPad 1.  
The question I got was ---what if you have Boardmaker on a PC, and an early iPad.How do you import those images into your iPad and Proloquo2Go?  Several people, obviously technology wizards, sent in complicated directions, so I thought I would include a few images.  It's an easy process and you don't need sophisticated software to edit and send.
print screen
First, pull up the Boardmaker image you would like to import.  I don't have Boardmaker on my PC, so I just googled Boardmaker, and decided to capture the 'I want' icon.  Legally, to do this, you really should have the disk (copyright laws and all of that!). Our school does give us genuine disks, so I do have a legal right to use the software.  To capture the screen on a PC, you merely press the 'Print Screen' button on the keyboard.

Once you have hit the 'print screen' key, the screen image is saved into the clipboard which lies in the mind of the computer.  You then need to open a piece of software which is in every PC called 'Paint'.  Search for it in your applications.  You will need to open it and click 'Paste'.
I pressed paste and this is what happened.
 Once you click paste, take a look at your image and draw a rectangle using the draw tool around the part you really want.  In this case, I only wanted the image--no text.
Go up to edit and click 'copy'.  The computer brain will now have that image saved for your use. Now go to File and click 'new'.
Open up a new Paint file, and click 'paste'.
You should end up with what you want.  I wanted this image:

Now that I had the image I wanted, I saved it.  I usually save  images on my desktop for easy access, but if you are saving a lot of Boardmaker images, you should create a folder to keep them all in.  

Once you save an image, you can email it to yourself and save it to your iPad for use in Proloquo2Go.  Or, you can sync your iPad to your computer.   I do the former, simply because my iPad is not my own, and is synced with our assistive technology team's computer.   I typically do not use too many of Boardmaker icons in Proloquo2Go.  Both sets are good, and my kids are fairly flexible with practice.  It is nice to be able to use one set in another system though, so have fun with it!   If you have questions, please ask.  I tried to be clear, but sometimes, my assumptions on prior knowledge are challenged both with children and adults!

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