Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! Tree Decorating Time!

Tomorrow will be a fun day!  It's time to decorate with our extra special little ones!

Our OT will bring in her family tree, and I'm bringing in my old box of ornaments from our trees past.  Kids will take turns choosing and hanging!  It should be fun!

These are a small sampling of my kids' old tree trinkets.  Can you guess which one was homemade?

My question is how will the kids choose the ornaments.  I went online for ideas, and found this nice communication board at Speech Room News.

This is great for fringe vocabulary, although there is a little bit of core on there.  I'll also have a core sheet.  Kids that need it have a binder with the same core words on the left, and fringe on the right.  It's all described here.

I'll post a final picture soon of our creation!

Three more days!


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