Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mother's Day Packet on sale! And an Etsy link for cloth masks!

I'm dusting off the blog here for a brief public service announcement.

First of all, Mother's Day is coming up.  I've marked down a popular Mother's Day Bundle to half off. for two weeks until May 14th.  This is a special token of appreciation for all you are doing during this difficult time, both you SLPs and moms.

Find Mother's Day Bundle on sale on TPT here.  

 Second, if you want a well made mask (not medical grade), my daughter, who has lost her bird-banding job due to Covid-19, has started a little business on Etsy.  You can select the fabric you want, and she is quick to make as many as you need.   Check out the pictures below, and then hop on over to her listing HERE.    She actually makes free masks for people who are in need (e.g. volunteers), but to make free ones, she also needs to sell some to purchase fabric and supplies.    Please think about supporting her.

Link to her shop:

We will get through this!