Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nostalgic moments

David and I are on a road trip.  This is the week between regular school and ESY, so we always take advantage of this and go somewhere; away; anywhere other than here.......

This year, we chose to return to some old stomping grounds---specifically Lexington and Danville, Kentucky.  Danville is the location of the Kentucky School for the Deaf (my first teaching job), and Lexington?  Lots of memories ---
       Lexington was where I lived when I was little,
                                where my mother died,
                                where my grandmother lived,
                                where my dad remarried
                                where my brothers were born
                                where I met David,
                                where I got married,
                                where I attended the University of Kentucky
                                where I first worked as a speech pathologist
                                where Zach was born......

First job after college---teacher of the deaf

First house for David and me!   Apparently well-loved now by different owners
I relived those days on this trip. I visited with an old friend from Danville (met her on my first day there in 1979!).  I visited with a nephew I hadn't seen in 21 years and met his wife and daughter.  We talked a LOT about family history.
        David and I biked around Danville and around Lexington, and visited our old house.  So many memories have been brought to the surface; I'm awash in them.  How do I return to reality next week? 


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