Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I Share Materials Free......

Maybe not the most riveting topic, but I just wanted to put it out there that I give things away online for a reason, actually many reasons, and here they are:

1.  Life is all about sharing.  If someone downloads one of my books and a kid in another state or country learns something from it, then great! 

2.  I actually like making materials, and there is a sense of purpose to what I'm making if I'm feeling the urge to 'blog about something'.

3.  It's a bit of a crime how much materials cost from speech and language companies.

4.  It's also a crime how little money school-based speech pathologists are given to spend.

5.  Sharing is a fabulous way to make new friends and connections.

6.  Not only do my fellow SLPs benefit, but parents also download and use materials.

7.  Other people are more creative than me, and let me know wonderful other ways to use the materials I create.

8.  When I share something new, it also gives me a new therapy tool or book to use with my own students--they love new things, and the teachers I work with love these too!

9. I have a sense of pride in seeing my name or blog mentioned on internet sites.  I also enjoy it when someone I've never met before says they read my blog.

10.  Most of all, I share materials because I love my job, and blogging has given me a new outlet.  The internet is literally a godsend.  Young graduates have no idea what life was like before the internet all came to be!  I share because I'm grateful for it all.


  1. Ruth,
    I have sincerely appreciated the materials that you share! I have used your books with my students and they absolutely love them. The ants book, in particular, was a big hit.


  2. Like!!! I was just using your materials today!

  3. I appreciate the materials you make and share. I'm saving several of them to print when I get back to work this week. I have 2 nonverbal children in my K-2nd self-contained classroom who are learning to use their communication devices. One of the little guys has the COOLEST new Aug-Com device that uses boardmaker pictures, but has been created by android. He LOVES this device. Within just a couple of months, he told us one day, "I have to tell you something. I am SO over it." It was hilarious and amazing to see him use his device so quickly and to communicate his thoughts so clearly. Before the device, he spent a lot of his time communicating with behavior. This device has changed our classroom and most importantly, his life! Your free printable materials are perfect for guiding him through the learning process of making the device functional for him! Thank you SO much for your generosity in sharing!


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