Monday, May 26, 2014

Butterfly Bingo---printable and free

Contrary to the blog title, this is actually butterflies and ladybugs bingo.  It's very simple, but I also added sentence strips.  I've found that my kids have learned to label the pictures just fine, but processing and comprehending the written sentence describing the same picture is challenging.  Use it like you want, it's all free. 

Happy Memorial Day!     We had school---the only district in our area to do so.  My school had over 100 kids absent.

There are three different Bingo cards, and one card to make the calling pictures.

If you want to work on reading comprehension, use sentence strips.    I found some kids struggled with this even though they could read every word.

Sentence strip Bingo

Click here to download this in Boardmaker

Click here to download this in pdf

picture description bingo

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Lives in the Ocean?--Spanish version (includes activities and communication board)

Here is the latest from Dr. Lindsey Leacox, a bilingual SLP in Chicagoland!   She is quickly becoming a good friend through blogging, and has translated a number of my books to Spanish.  Her latest is perfect for the summer and perfect for those of you who need Spanish early literacy materials.  This particular creation not only has a nice book, but has a craft and ocean animal sorting activity to accompany it--all with a Spanish emphasis. Even if, as a therapist, you don't speak Spanish, you can send this home so Latino parents can read with their kids.

 If you don't need Spanish at all, click here for English.

Click here to download the complete packet-
24 pages; great for Spanish speakers

Quick update here!  Lily is growing up fast!



Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friends Book---Introducing conjunctions

It's hard to talk about friends if you don't use the word  AND.

 I feel the concept of friendship is a nice place to also systematically introduce our language-challenged children to use this very important conjunction.  I went to the tried and true website, Tarheel Reader, and created a 'Friends' book.  The pictures on that site are delightful, and I then downloaded the book and added a page of icons along with a sentence strip.  I don't know about your students, but mine, with the help of my books, are clearly developing one-to-one correspondence with speech and written words.  Yea!!!!! This growth in literacy skills is wonderful to see!    I think adding a compound subject is a logical way to expand their simple sentences!


I just created this book, and haven't tried it out yet on the little guy I have in mind, but I can't wait!

I'll post a picture or two here when I do.


You can expand this concept by having the kids make their own 'friends' book--use digital photos of classmate pairs.   Who does your child want to pose with?

Click here to download this book.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  I'm blessed to have a wonderful family with mothers all around, young and old.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where are the Butterflies? Printable book and icons

Here's a quick book I threw together on Tarheel Reader.  I also downloaded it, added icons, and then uploaded it to Google Drive.  The link is below. 


Download the book here.  Enjoy!

 I've also added a simple worksheet at the end of this.  I'm thinking this will begin to be something that will happen----adding some type of activity at the end for the kids to work on early academics or language skills.  Today, it's counting butterflies.