Friday, January 30, 2015

"What is Red?" free printable interactive book

In honor of February, I had a little fun tonight and created a book perfect for the month! 

Books like this are perfect for pre-k and for those youngsters who are more linguistically challenged.  This can also be used during your reading instruction (patterned sentence, great pictures, clear font).

Pictures in this book are either public domain ( or from Photos for Class.  
Icons are from SmartySymbols (I have a commercial license).

Download this free book here.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Red Heart, Red Heart, What do you see? and other goodies

I guess all of you can see that I took the plunge and listed a few things on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's all for a modest price, and designed to encompass several skills perfect for our more language challenged children and is great for speech/OT or speech/EC collaboration.  This bundle is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Take a look!

·        An interactive book---Valentine, Valentine, What do you see?  With icons, pictures and sentence strip at the end to use for making the book interactive

·        A recipe book---Valentine Toast.  This has detailed, pictured step-by-step directions

·        Comprehension questions (yes/no and simple wh-questions) for the Valentine Toast

·        Communication board to go with making the Valentine Toast

·        Sequence picture worksheet after making the Valentine Toast

·        Valentines Preposition Bingo Game---Three boards and calling cards designed for small group instruction.  This is in a separate file, but all are bundled all together.

     Grab it here at TPT

I resisted Teachers Pay Teachers for a long time, but economic realities call.  I'm exploring options for supplementing my income when I do retire.  A quite a bit of work goes into making materials, and I admire those who list such nice affordable products.  


Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love You--printable book and icons

There are lots of valentine's materials out there, but this book might work for older kids in EC classrooms.  I posted it two years ago, but have since changed out some of the photos from a terrific site of images to use for classroom materials.  (Photos for class)  I love that site because the photos you use are available legally, and the site also automatically attributes the photo to its original post on Flickr.

I also changed out the Boardmaker icons to SmartySymbols after purchasing a commercial license.  It's a great symbol set, and works for what I do.  Enjoy the book!

post from 1/11/13 below

There are so many bloggers out there now it's sometimes hard to come up with things that aren't repetitive.  I just taught a little unit on 'The Mitten', but really don't have anything new to give you, so why post?  A Pinterest search yielded plenty, so for this unit, I abstained from wasting cyberspace.  'The Mitten' is a great book on many levels, though, so you should look at it if you haven't already!

    I am beginning to work on Valentine's Day materials, though.  I found a gem on Tarheel Reader named "I Love You".  I did not create this book, but I did download it, and change a few things.  I also addded a page with a few Smarty Symbol icons for kids who need it.  Personally this book could fit many age groups--perhaps it's better for kids older than early elementary.  Words that kids have to find on the page are "I love you"--the catch is that the words are in different formats---cursive, print, and everything in between.  It's a very cute book, and I'm so glad I'm able to share this with you. 

What I like:
  • repetitive lines
  • great pictures
  • variety of vocabulary
  • different styles of writing (cursive and print)
  • simplicity

screenshot---can your kids read cursive? flickr

Click here to download the book  (icons on the final page)

You could have your students write their own books!  Take pictures of 'I Love You' notes around your school or setting! This seems like a book that would be of high interest, and get a few giggles from your students for Valentine's Day!   Have fun!  


Saturday, January 17, 2015

There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed some Snow---Companion materials for EC/Speech Collaboration

Happy long weekend for many of you!  I'm taking a mini-vacation in Brevard NC, and the weather is pleasant so far!  Maybe David and I will take in a hike tomorrow!

I worked all last week on developing an activity/companion pack for There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed Some Snow.  This is a nice book with a repetitive line, and familiar pattern.  It's simple but funny, and the kids love it.

This pack is meant for the more linguistically challenged students and is perfect for speech/OT or speech/special ed collaboration. This is nice for integrating literacy and hand-on activities.This packet is great for those kids on Extended Content Standards or whatever your state designates for your students who would have a great deal of difficulty with Common Core.

I typically read “Cold Lady" with the kids and have them practice answering questions, state/sing the repeatable line, and name objects using the manipulative icons. I then take another day to read “Who is in the Snow" (book is included with this packet) which reinforces the main concept (snow) and introduces animal names. With the teacher or OT, we work on a craft (in this case it's a snowman). With reading, re-reading, and questions/activities, I spend two weeks on this book if I work with the kids twice a week. The actual book ("Cold Lady who Swallowed some Snow") is not included with this packet but readily available in libraries, Amazon, or book stores.
Enclosed is:
-10 page interactive book entitled ‘Who is in the Snow?’ with simple text and icons for matching. (Photos are public domain images from
- 9 page step by step booklet for making a Snowman
-Yes/No and Wh-questions to go with the Snowman craft
-Sequence worksheet for Snowman craft
-Cold Lady book manipulatives (3 pages including a sequencing activity)
-Who, What, and Where question comprehension worksheets for the Cold Lady book (3 pages)
-S is for Snow handwriting worksheet

You can purchase this packet here on Teachers Pay Teachers for a modest price.  

I realize there are lots of Cold Lady companion packs listed.  Mine is specifically for kids who are more challenged.  I use these materials during EC/OT collaboration times.

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Verbs of Winter in Spanish--free printable book with icons

A while back, I posted "Verbs of Winter" (I made it free on Tarheel Reader).  The same book is now available in Spanish.  I have a child on my caseload who needs to take this home and have his parents read this with him in his primary language.


There's a lot of information now out there in the speech world that building skills in the primary language helps the language at school.

 Personally, I hope to build a take-home library of Spanish interactive books.  I usually have a kid in the EC classrooms where this would be a huge benefit.


Click here to download 'Verbs of Winter' in Spanish.

By the way, the weather forecast is for ice here in North Carolina.  School is already delayed two hours!
Yeah!!!!!  (although I do love my job).


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bear Snores On----Activity packet for Speech/Special Ed Collaboration

I love Bear Snores On!!!! (and encourage you to purchase on Amazon or check it out from the library!)

This is a great book complete with characters, repeatable line, surprise ending, and fun!  I use it with my more linguistically challenged children, and I found a lot of the materials out there were for kids who were higher.   I also do a lot of speech/OT groups, and so I've created a nice packet  that incorporates literacy, extension activities, fine motor, and visuals.  The kids have responded nicely, and so I thought I would offer it on Teachers Pay Teachers for all of you!  This packet does not include the actual book "Bear Snores On"---you'll have to get that yourself.

I typically read "Bear Snores On" with the kids and have them practice answering questions, state the repeatable line, and name characters using the manipulatives. I then take another day to read "Who Snores" (book is included with this packet) which reinforces the main concept (snoring) and introduces other animal names. With the teacher or OT, we work on a craft (in this case it's a bear puppet) and answer yes/no and wh-questions after the craft. With reading, re-reading, and questions/activities, I spend two weeks on this book if I work with the kids twice a week.

This packet includes:
-11 page interactive book entitled ‘Who Snores’ with simple text and icons for matching.
-10 page step by step booklet for making a Bear Puppet
-Yes/No and Wh-questions (3 pages with visual multiple choice answers to go with Puppet making project
-Sequence worksheet for Puppet making project
-“Bear Snores On” character manipulatives (2 pages)
-Who, What, and Where question comprehension worksheets (3 pages)
-B is for Bear handwriting worksheet

Grab it here, and enjoy!