Free Materials to Download and Print

What Hatches From Eggs?  Printable book and icons

Number Puffs Powerpoint Recipe

Ocean Book Packet

Easter Egg Adapted Book--Printable with icons too!

Cats and Verbs---free book and directions for a puppet

 Dogs and Verbs book to download

 Counting Horses + Verbs book to download

What Can Horses Do?  Smartboard lesson to download

Three items from our winter unit to download

 Friendship Hearts---yummy simple recipe booklet

 Snowman, Snowman--Smartboard lesson

 The Very Hungry Reindeer--Printable and Smartboard

 Roll the die; Build a Snowman Smartboard Game

 Christmas Tree Smartboard Activity

 Valentine Feelings book

 Counting buttons---low tech and high tech

 Hearts Everywhere---printable book to download

 Love Bug (Smartboard--high tech download, plus link to low tech)

Quick as a Cricket visuals 

 Self Regulation Scale

 Pronouns, people, animals, feelings
printable book and icons

 Pronouns book to print--He, She, They

A streamer rainbow--printable directions and communication board

Rainbow Crackers Printable

Kites Over Everything--Printable Adapted Book 

 Flowers Everywhere Printable

What Can Chimps Do?--Printable Adapted Book 

 Ants ON and UNDER

Ant Craft -printable directions and communication board

Crabs Everywhere---adapted book to download

What Can Dolphins Do---latest in the 'verb' series

 Fish and Friends---Printable with icons

 Things we do at School---printable with icons

 Counting Apples book, Applesauce recipe

 Orange Pumpkin book

 Big Pumpkin----printable icons 

 The Lonely Reindeer--Over and Between

Where are the cats?  Printable book with icons

 Snowflakes Everywhere

Bears Like ........ (download a book and icons

 Eggs, Chicks, and Bunnies Preposition Bingo

Expected Behaviors Jeopardy for your Smartboard

Eggs Everywhere--free printable book

Dog's Colorful Day---free printables to go with the book

Shoes---adapted book plus printable icons

Back to school collection including Back to School preposition bingo!

Who Runs?  Printable book and icons

Who Swims? Printable book and icons

Fireworks Everywhere--printable book and icons

How do Horses Feel? Printable book and icons

 Pumpkins Everywhere--free printable

 Five Little Snowmen--printable book and props

Snowmen Everywhere--printable book

Snowmen have Feelings Too!  printable adapted book

Christmas Prepositions Bingo

Candy Canes Everywhere--printable book

 Around the House the Fox Chased the Mouse--free printables

Valentine Prepositions Bingo (modest charge)
Collection of Valentine's Materials

 Clovers for me and you--printable adapted book

 Friends book---Introducing conjunctions

Where are the Butterflies?  Printable book and icons

Apples Everywhere--printable book





 The Very Lonely Firefly---free visuals and sentence frame to go along with the book