Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs---Gluten Free

Marinade for a couple of hours, then skewer.
I visited my inlaws and was appointed head cook for the evening!  Lots of fun here, and I decided to cook up some chicken shish kabobs (with the help of my kids).  

The recipe was taken from All  with the main ingredients being soy sauce (I used gluten free), honey, oil, chicken, vegies, black pepper, and garlic.  Very easy! 

View HERE to see the recipe.

I followed the recipe, but did use gluten free soy sauce.  Also, during grilling, we brushed on San-J Asian BBQ Sauce.  It turned out perfectly.  All of the kabobs were gone at the end of the meal. 
ready to grill!
When I went gluten-free, I thought my life had ended in terms of good food.  I totally was wrong.

finished product!   Yum!

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