Monday, June 3, 2013

Progress Report Time!!!! Google Document to share

This is not the most riveting topic.  In fact, it is really the least favorite part of my job. Usually about two weeks before the end of a quarter, I start assigning myself several progress reports to write a day until they are done.  Sometimes, if it's a new IEP, I have to create the form, and often, I have to bother other folks (EC teachers, OT) with questions about the child. 

I wonder, sometimes, what other SLPs use for progress reports. The image below is what our school system uses, and I've included a link below if you are in need of a form.  This is a collaborative document---all of the service providers use the same form.  Ideally, we would sit and discuss the goals together with all of our data.  In the real school world, however, we collaborate electronically.

Click here to download the template

Progress Report Form


  1. Our system is all online and has been for years. We only comment on "our" goals and other provider handle theirs. When everyone is done it gets "affirmed, printed, and goes home with report cards.

    1. We are moving towards an online system (CECAS)---but we're not totally there yet. Our goals are integrated, though, with EC goals if the child has a label other than SLI---so more than one EC provider may report on the goal.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. We use Easy IEP which also has on progress reports online. We also just comment on our own goals. There is a drop down menu to choose progressing, inconsistent, etc and a section to type in comments. Works well.


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