Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seals on the Bus---Cute book, plus some printables to go with it

I'm a little tired of the 'Wheels on the Bus', so when I found the 'Seals on the Bus', I grabbed it!  Like the Wheels on the Bus, it's full of repetition and rhyme, and is a bit more fun. 

From Amazon:

An animal-filled version of the classic children's song "The Wheels on the Bus"

"The seals on the bus go "errp, errp, errp"
All through the town."

Two children and their parents board a city bus on their way to a party. At the next stop, who should get on but a group of seals, who holler "errp, errp, errp" at the top of their lungs. Each time the bus stops a new kind of animal joins the passengers and adds to the din, to the children's delight and the parents' annoyance. But when several hissing skunks want to come aboard, even the children cry "help! help! help!"

This hilarious new version of the beloved children's song "The Wheels on the Bus" will have young readers errping and roaring and honking along.

I adapted my book with velcro and pull off icons.  Some of my kids need some work just matching so I made a very simple matching activity to go with it (color icons to black and white icons). Just use the icons provided (link below), and you can make the pictured visual using cardstock, glue, laminating film, and velcro. After doing a quick search on Pinterest, I can see there's lots of things to do with this book---I'm here to only get you started. 

Click here to download visuals in pdf.

Click here to download visuals in Boardmaker


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