Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guess the mystery school lunch fruit

Here's the latest edition of mystery school lunch food.  The kids got little containers of fruit.  Some chunks are pineapple, but we were confused about the white pieces that look like white jello, and the gray piece in the middle.    The menu indicated this was tropical.  Any guesses?

  For some reason, the kids didn't eat this.


  1. Is it defrosted shmushed green grapes?

    1. Hi Lindsay! Don't you miss this? When your kids finally get in school, my advice is to pack lunches.

  2. We have the same yucky fruit. It is grey peaches and jello like pears. Not so tropical!!

  3. Too funny! (But not if you have to eat it!) On our menu tomorrow is seasoned squash - I wonder if the kids will eat that!

  4. Could the white stuff be pears? don't know what the grey thing is, definitely not appetizing


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