Monday, September 14, 2015

New Shoes, Old Shoes, Red shoes, Blue shoes--Free Comparing/Contrasting Printable Activity

I hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!  Here is a freebie for you to help ease in to all of the joy.

There is a website I love---Film English.  The author teaches English to older students, and uses short films as a springboard.  His blog features one film at a time, and he writes lesson plans to go with each.
Since my students are young and language impaired (rather than ESL), I don't use the plans, and most of the time, I watch the short film just for my own entertainment; however,  his latest feature, "Her Shoes" by the Mercadantes, easily could be a springboard into a nice compare and contrast activity centered around shoes.   Go HERE to watch the film.

While watching this, you can hit the pause button and talk about the different shoe features. 

Then, to practice comparing, I've created a short packet with shoe pictures, a Venn diagram, and a word bank. 

Cut out the pictures (three pages of them).
Have students pick two each from a box, bag, or some other fun hiding place.  Using the word bank and the Venn diagram, help them find ways the shoes are the same and different.  Some of the shoes look difficult to wear!  

Have them compare each others shoes!  I didn't put the word "stinky" in the word bank, but I bet a few kids come up with it on their own! 

Grab this free activity HERE.  Have fun!


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