Friday, June 22, 2012

Finding a voice (or whistle)

I'm at home today.  The Extended School Year contract was for only 4 days a week.  At first I was a little bummed----less pay!  Then I thought---less work!   I have time to watch magical little videos!

The above is a trailer for a slightly longer movie (the trailer is one minute; the movie is five minutes).  The name of the movie is "Whistleless"---about a determined bird struggling to find his voice.  There are no words, just beautiful animation and music. I would recommend you clicking on the link below to watch the full length (5 minute) version. 

I loved this partly because it represents what we want for all of our children---for them to find a voice.
(I also loved the animation and music and so much more....)

With my day off each week, I can reflect a bit on why I like my job. It's shown in the picture below---providing eager children with the tools or skills necessary to communicate.  This can be very rewarding!

SLPs help kids find their voice!!!

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