Thursday, January 17, 2019

Verbs of Winter-- Printable Interactive Book (Repost)

Update:  My sister lives in Erie, PA, where the temperature is going down to 3 degrees this coming Monday with 25 MPH winds. Thinking of those very cold people up north,  I took a look at this book (that I had posted in 2014) and changed it to a pdf file, and used a different font.  Otherwise, it still looks appropriate for the kids and season.  It's great for many targets.

Enjoy (again!)  No snow here in NC, and the temps on Monday will go down to a balmy 19 degrees.
I won't need to trudge off to school, though.  #retired

2014 blog below

Happy Winter, Everyone!    I hope this post finds all of my school SLP buddies well-rested, and searching for materials to start off the new year!


I've made a new interactive book---Verbs of Winter.  This is posted (by me) on Tarheel Reader, and downloaded to Google Drive, with some icons added to make it a bit interactive.  This is a nice book for Verbs, Pronouns, Simple Sentences, and Literacy.

See for yourself and download for your class.

 Kids can use the icons to select the correct pronoun, and then use the pronoun and verb icons as a simple cue to produce a sentence to describe the pictures.  Each picture features a different verb.

The ending is a surprise, and will help to be a springboard for a discussion about seasons, bears, and hibernation.
Happy winter everyone!

Click here to download the book.
Print, laminate, velcro if you wish.

If you want more winter materials, go HERE


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Valentine Animals---Free Printable Interactive Book

Nothing in life is free---unless you visit Chapel Hill Snippets!

I love Valentine's Day in school, even if I personally don't make a big deal over it at home. For language therapy purposes, the day lends itself to communication, and creative materials can be used to have fun and learn.

Here's a book ("The Valentine Animals") I made using 'Photos for Class' (public domain), 'Pixabay' (public domain), and Smarty Symbols (I have and paid for a professional license).  The theme is animals, and each page has a simple repetitive sentence.
Pictures are cute, and the kids can match icons to photos.  I put some comments in there, because not all the animals look particularly happy about posing!  I'd like to know what that pony thinks! Read the book to see the pony, ha ha.

   There is a sentence frame at the end.  Use it for all pages but the last.

I think that both the kids and adults will enjoy the pictures.    You can laminate it (or not), cut out the pictures and have the kids match and read.


On a personal note, my husband and I are getting ready for a Cuban vacation. 
We can't wait!    Any words of advice?  I love retirement!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Collection of Valentine's Day materials, some free

I think North Carolina has dodged a snow bullet (I like snow, though), and it's just going to be a cold rain tonight.  Since it's so hard to go anywhere, I thought I would compile all my Valentine's Day materials---free and TPT--into one post.  Maybe I'll add a new free thing tomorrow!  We'll see!

As usual, if you are a CF, or are adversely affected by the government impasse, let me know if you want an item from TPT.   email

Hearts Everywhere---free printable

Friendship Hearts---free printable recipe booklet

Love Bug (Smartboard and link to low tech activity) free
--to be honest, since I don't have access to Smartboards now (I'm retired), I don't know if the Smartboard program still works. The link in the page to the low tech activity does work still, though)

TPT -- 

Valentine Activity Pack- Book, Bingo, and recipe with communication board

Friday, January 11, 2019

Valentine's Day Packet--Perfect for Speech/Special Ed collaboration

When I was working in the schools, Valentine's Day was one of my favorite times.  The day lends itself to fun, crafts, giving, thinking of friends, and hugs.

To help celebrate this time of year and keep the kids motivated, I've created a new 40 page packet.  It's perfect for speech and special education collaboration, consisting of two interactive books and a craftivity. Extension activities are provided, along with numerous visuals such as craft communication board, sequencing worksheet, and a core-36 board.  Photos are public domain from, while clip art is from Smarty Symbols (copyrighted). 

Here is the complete description:
This is a literacy/activity pack to go with a “Valentine’s Day” theme. This pack meant for the more linguistically challenged students and is perfect for speech/special education collaboration. This is nice for integrating literacy and language activities.  Clip art is from Smarty Symbols, and is copyrighted. 
Enclosed are:
“Verbs of Valentine’s Day” Interactive Book--pages 3-13
Icons for the “Verbs of Valentine’s Day” book– page 14
Extension suggestions for “Verbs of Valentine’s Day” -page 15
“How Many Hearts” interactive book–pages 16-27
Numbers for “How Many Hearts” –page 28
Icon/word bank to use when describing hearts in “How Many Hearts?” -page 29
“Make a Heart Man” craftivity pages 30-37
Communication board for “Make a Heart Man” -page 38
Sequencing worksheet for “Make a Heart Man” -page 39
Yes/no and wh-questions for “Make a Heart Man” -page 40

36 location core board to use with any appropriate activities -page 41

 I've been on a bit of a hiatus from creating materials lately, but an SLP party and 'yankee swap' prompted me to suddenly create this Valentine's Day packet.  I gave it out free to my Chapel Hill colleagues, and have posted it at a modest price on TPT.   If you are a starving CF, however, or are affected in a negative way by the unfortunate government shutdown (don't get me started on this, I'm a Democrat), email me at, and the product is yours. No questions asked.

You can find this product here on TPT.

Here's a snippet from my own life.  My youngest granddaughter turned one yesterday. She's really growing fast, and we all adore her. 
Not quite walking--won't be long!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Orange Pumpkin Book---Revised; Get Ready for Halloween!

Back in 2012, I found an awesome Halloween book on Tarheel Reader, and after adding interactive icons, put it up on my blog.   It has been a huge hit, and when I was working in the schools, my students read it year after year.  Today, I decided to actually look at the book and my blog entry.  I still liked it, but when I took a look at the photo credits on Tarheel Reader, I found that some of the photographers had changed their usage rights, or had removed the photos.  In addition, back in 2012, I knew very little about copyright laws and image use.  The bottom line--I've revised the book using Photos for Class  or provided a link back to the photo website (provided the photographer allows use of the photo in the first place). I'll be taking down my original book.

The book is the same pattern, but some images are changed.  I also changed the font to make it more child friendly.

There are also the same icons as previously, both in Boardmaker and as a pdf.

For those of you who don't know about adapting books, I like to print out and laminate the pages including the icons.  The kids can match colors and item pictures to the book as it's read to them, or as they read it themselves. 

Links for downloading are below.  Happy reading! 

Click here to download the icons in pdf

Click here to download the icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download the revised Orange Pumpkin book in pdf

Off topic, does anyone else love Joan Baez?  Her farewell tour is coming to Durham NC this weekend.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"What do I see in the Fall?"---Free printable interactive book

It's fall!   My favorite season!    In the spirit of giving, I found a new book on Tarheel Reader and adapted it (changing out some of the pictures, adding icons, and adding a sentence frame). You can print or display it, whatever your preference is.

The book focuses on a few core words ('I', "see", "go") along with fringe vocabulary ('fall' words such as 'rake', 'acorn', and 'leaves').
Kids can add pages if there are other items that they see outside---that's just a quick extension activity idea :) 

This was originally found on Tarheel Reader.
Tarheel Reader is an excellent resource for simple books with vivid pictures.  These can be printed or downloaded to an ipad.  I print, and edit.

Simple repetitive language is throughout the book.  "I" and "see" are core words.  Kids also need the fringe (in this case, 'fall' vocabulary).

Icons are provided to make the book interactive, along with a sentence frame.  Icons are from Smarty Symbols----I pay a professional subscription to create and share materials.   These symbols are copyrighted, so please don't create new materials using them.


If you are interested in this free book (which does focus on nouns and 'fall'), you may also like an item I listed on Teachers Pay Teachers which is also fall-themed.  This packet includes two interactive books, a craft booklet, and a fall scavenger hunt for a nominal price. As usual, if you are a starving CF, or in a disaster zone (such as a Hurricane Florence area), email me at, and the packet is yours free.


Let's pray for no more hurricanes. We were very lucky in Chapel Hill, but my heart breaks when I see images from the coast.

No more, please!

Friday, September 21, 2018

"I See Trains" --free printable interactive book

Who doesn't like trains?  I've ridden them in the US, in Indonesia, in Italy, in Spain, and in Norway.  I'd love to go to Japan and ride the Bullet Train.  Kids often are facinated by trains too and several I worked with were familiar (obsessed) with Thomas.  Some owned myriad Thomas toys, and even when they didn't really have functional communication skills, could name all the characters instantly, putting my limited Thomas vocabulary skills to shame. 

In honor of train travel, I've adapted a Tarheel Reader book I found. I changed out some of the pictures due to copyright issues, and added icons, and a sentence frame at the end. The original book is here.      The link to my interactive rendition is below.  I liked this book with its repetitive language, use of modifiers, and vivid pictures.  If you are working on core AAC vocabulary, there are several words here along with a variety of fringe vocabulary.  If you are working on kindergarten reading level, this book works for that too!   The symbols are from Smarty Symbols and  I pay a subscription fee which allows me to create and share materials

All pages follow the 'I see a _____ train' pattern.

Icons are provided for matching, and a sentence frame is on the last page. 

You can download the free printable book from this link.

Long ago, my husband and I along with our two boys took a trip across the country on Amtrak. 
It took a long time with many stops along the way to explore  Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Glacier National Park, and Seattle.  Needless to say, we had loads of fun and an experience my boys will never forget!