Friday, March 8, 2013

Expectations Jeopardy for the Smartboard

Happy Weekend!  I don't use the SmartBoard too often, but I've started going into one EC classroom for a fun Friday time, trying out different social skills activities that I've found.  These kids (mainly 4th graders) are all on the high end for needing a separate setting, and the district is transitioning most of them out into regular education.  Today, they were all able to clearly articulate Expected vs Unexpected Behaviors well enough to beat the adults in the room in a rousing game of SmartBoard Jeopardy. 

I found the original version of Jeopardy on the Smart Exchange HERE.  After downloading it and playing it, I tweaked the questions to fit our setting.   You can either get this from the Smart Exchange, or look at my version.

Click here if you want to download my version of Expected Behaviors Jeopardy

Screenshots are below.  The bottom line is the kids loved the game, and they showed that they do have the knowledge of expected behaviors.  We still need to work on some of their performance deficits though---generalization of knowledge and skills is always the tough part. At least they understand the vocabulary, and the adults working with them are using this vocabulary daily!

This was a great game for other reasons---
  • reading fluently and intelligibly, 
  • answering comprehension questions, 
  • taking turns appropriately
  • adding by hundreds.  
We'll do it again (changing questions is easy---another thing I like about this.)

The kids beat the adults, by the way.  I loved everyone's enthusiasm, and it made for a great Friday activity.


  1. I am working on expected and unexpected behaviors with my social skills group, this is exactly what I needed! THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad it's useful!

  2. LOVE this! Thanks so much. Perfect for my social skills class. I appreciate your share!

  3. Will not open on my computer, as we have a different version of the interactive white board in our district :(
    Is there a different way to get the info on the 'cards'?

    1. I also am having the same problem with downloading! It would be great if I could the information in a different way as well.

    2. let me check---it seems to me I can download Notebook into a pdf document if that would help.

  4. Would love to see your cards in a different format! I also cannot download as I do not have the interactive board.