Friday, December 26, 2014

Verbs of Winter--New Printable Interactive Book

Happy Winter, Everyone!    I hope this post finds all of my school SLP buddies well-rested, and searching for materials to start off the new year!


I've made a new interactive book---Verbs of Winter.  This is posted (by me) on Tarheel Reader, and downloaded to Google Drive, with some icons added to make it a bit interactive.  This is a nice book for Verbs, Pronouns, Simple Sentences, and Literacy.

See for yourself and download for your class.

 Kids can use the icons to select the correct pronoun, and then use the pronoun and verb icons as a simple cue to produce a sentence to describe the pictures.  Each picture features a different verb.

The ending is a surprise, and will help to be a springboard for a discussion about seasons, bears, and hibernation.
Happy winter everyone!

Click here to download the book.
Print, laminate, velcro if you wish.

If you want more winter materials, go HERE


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