Tuesday, February 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day materials---adapted books, bingo, great for SLP/EC collaboration

Happy Snow Day North Carolina style (we have an inch--school is cancelled)!  I debated all morning as I sat around in my pajamas---should I post about Kites---or St. Patrick's Day?

Given that the entire Northeast and now South is encased in ice and snow, I just couldn't see a kite festival in the near future. 

St. Patrick's Day is a lot of fun and lends itself nicely to adapted books, games, and crafts.
I do have one free item on the blog----an interactive book "Clovers for me and you". 

I also have St. Patrick's Day bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is most likely for the more linguistically challenged children, although I've used it with the younger set in regular education to work on reading, following directions, and prepositions. The price is modest.

Enclosed is:
-13 page interactive book entitled ‘Shamrocks Everywhere’ with simple text and icons for matching. A sentence strip is also included.
-Printable shamrocks for a hiding/following direction activity.
-11 page book with icons and sentence strip entitled “What is Green?”
-A red/green sorting worksheet
-St. Patrick’s Day Preposition Bingo (5 pages)

Images are from Pixabay.com (public domain) and from Smarty Symbols (commercial license).

Go here to view St Patrick's Day Bundle in my store.  Preview is available there.

If you are a starving CF, or otherwise financially strapped, email me ( speech40@gmail.com) , and I'll send this to you no charge.


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