Sunday, February 7, 2016

Use Your Connect 4 Game During Articulation Therapy

At my school, we have 'speech lab' for those kids who don't qualify for an IEP but still have a single sound disorder that impacts their education.  For many of those students, it's 'R'.  My speech lab students generally are smart and cooperative, and also like to have fun.  To accomplish the 'fun' goal along with the 'R' goal, I've developed "R Sound Drop-In".  Use with a standard Connect 4 game that you or a fellow teacher may have handy.  This activity has saved me a lot of time, it gives the kids lots of practice, and they like it.  I hope your students like it too!

Although this post describes the "R Sound Drop-In", I have two similar products--
"S-Blend Drop In"   and "L and L-Blend Drop In".

Here's the description:  This is an articulation game for the 'R' sound.  It is meant to be used with a Connect 4 game.  You must provide your own Connect 4 game.

1. pick the sheet for the sound you want to target (one for each child). For more than two children, play in teams. Set it up as shown in the picture on the cover. There are 15 words per sheet for each target sound.
2. Cover each picture with a disk from the game.
3. Play the game according to the standard Connect 4 directions.  As the child picks up a circle, have him say the name of the picture underneath. To get more practice, he can say it multiple times or use the word in a sentence.  Play the game several times since it can go fast.

 Clipart by Smarty Symbols © 2016
 Enclosed (all sheets are both in color and black/white):
Initial R color page 3
Medial R color page 4
OR words color page 5
EAR words color page 6
IRE words color page 7
AR words color page 8
ER words color page 9
AIR words color page 10

Initial R Black/white page 11
Medial R Black/white page 12
OR words Black/white page 13
EAR words Black/white page 14
IRE words Black/white page 15
AR words Black/white page 16
ER words Black/white page 17
AIR words Black/white page 18
2 blank sheets pages 19-20
Data recording sheets pages 21-24

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