Monday, February 20, 2012

Self Regulation Scale

I have a confession---when I see something good, I take it and use it.  I don't like to recreate the wheel, and I'm really not all that creative.      I also work with people that are very hard-working and creative, so when I stepped into my co-worker's office (Heather Petrusa, SLP) and saw this homemade self-regulation scale, I grabbed it (with her permission) and told her that this was worth using and sharing with all of my blogging friends!    She said that our mutual friend, an autism itinerant teacher, Leah Wilson, was actually the one who created it, and she (Heather) just tweaked it.  I'm sure Leah won't mind sharing, so here it is!

Anyone who works with children with autism knows the difficulties in regulating emotions.  Within an hour, a child can go from 'sleepy' to 'boiling' and not have strategies to get to the 'green' area.

 I liked this scale that Heather and Leah developed because it integrated elements from the 'How does your engine run?' program with emotional states and specific strategies (worded with 1st person statements encouraging more independence with handling regulation in the classroom.)

A therapist and teacher can use this scale to first teach emotions, strategies, and self-reflection, and then teach the child to apply these in the classroom.  So---thanks Heather and Leah!    I'm so happy to work with you!  I'm sure your kids are too!

To download in Boardmaker, click here!
    (You can then edit to fit your child's particular needs)
To download in pdf, click here!



  1. Wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing !!

  2. check out the 'Zones of Regulation'
    fabulous program

  3. Thank you so much for this! Am off to share :)

  4. thank you so much! I'm sharing with my son's SLPs and Special Education teacher!

  5. I love the incredible 5 point scale. This is great. I like the calm down strategies. I have some resources in my TPT store for the 5 point scale.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting
    TPT store

  6. I have shared links to several of your printable books on, and am going to send people to this one too. My sister (the actual owner/operator of said blog, who is now on school leave) has a son who is Autistic and she shared this link with me in the first place. This is great! She did tweak the version that they use a little to suit Daaks' (her son) needs and it is posted in several rooms of their house. She has likewise shared a copy with his teacher. Thank you for this and many of the other tools that you have offered here! :)

    1. Thank you for your nice words. I've forwarded the link (freeprintablefun) to my co-worker, Heather, who actually created this particular scale. I use it myself--customizing the scale for the needs of the particular children.

  7. This is a wonderful resource. Today, I brought this up in our meeting and everyone was interested to have it in their room. Would it be possible to share the original file withe me so I can copy for our team? I'd be very grateful.


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