Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love You--printable book and icons

There are lots of valentine's materials out there, but this book might work for older kids in EC classrooms.  I posted it two years ago, but have since changed out some of the photos from a terrific site of images to use for classroom materials.  (Photos for class)  I love that site because the photos you use are available legally, and the site also automatically attributes the photo to its original post on Flickr.

I also changed out the Boardmaker icons to SmartySymbols after purchasing a commercial license.  It's a great symbol set, and works for what I do.  Enjoy the book!

post from 1/11/13 below

There are so many bloggers out there now it's sometimes hard to come up with things that aren't repetitive.  I just taught a little unit on 'The Mitten', but really don't have anything new to give you, so why post?  A Pinterest search yielded plenty, so for this unit, I abstained from wasting cyberspace.  'The Mitten' is a great book on many levels, though, so you should look at it if you haven't already!

    I am beginning to work on Valentine's Day materials, though.  I found a gem on Tarheel Reader named "I Love You".  I did not create this book, but I did download it, and change a few things.  I also addded a page with a few Smarty Symbol icons for kids who need it.  Personally this book could fit many age groups--perhaps it's better for kids older than early elementary.  Words that kids have to find on the page are "I love you"--the catch is that the words are in different formats---cursive, print, and everything in between.  It's a very cute book, and I'm so glad I'm able to share this with you. 

What I like:
  • repetitive lines
  • great pictures
  • variety of vocabulary
  • different styles of writing (cursive and print)
  • simplicity

screenshot---can your kids read cursive? flickr

Click here to download the book  (icons on the final page)

You could have your students write their own books!  Take pictures of 'I Love You' notes around your school or setting! This seems like a book that would be of high interest, and get a few giggles from your students for Valentine's Day!   Have fun!  


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