Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bear Snores On----Activity packet for Speech/Special Ed Collaboration

I love Bear Snores On!!!! (and encourage you to purchase on Amazon or check it out from the library!)

This is a great book complete with characters, repeatable line, surprise ending, and fun!  I use it with my more linguistically challenged children, and I found a lot of the materials out there were for kids who were higher.   I also do a lot of speech/OT groups, and so I've created a nice packet  that incorporates literacy, extension activities, fine motor, and visuals.  The kids have responded nicely, and so I thought I would offer it on Teachers Pay Teachers for all of you!  This packet does not include the actual book "Bear Snores On"---you'll have to get that yourself.

I typically read "Bear Snores On" with the kids and have them practice answering questions, state the repeatable line, and name characters using the manipulatives. I then take another day to read "Who Snores" (book is included with this packet) which reinforces the main concept (snoring) and introduces other animal names. With the teacher or OT, we work on a craft (in this case it's a bear puppet) and answer yes/no and wh-questions after the craft. With reading, re-reading, and questions/activities, I spend two weeks on this book if I work with the kids twice a week.

This packet includes:
-11 page interactive book entitled ‘Who Snores’ with simple text and icons for matching.
-10 page step by step booklet for making a Bear Puppet
-Yes/No and Wh-questions (3 pages with visual multiple choice answers to go with Puppet making project
-Sequence worksheet for Puppet making project
-“Bear Snores On” character manipulatives (2 pages)
-Who, What, and Where question comprehension worksheets (3 pages)
-B is for Bear handwriting worksheet

Grab it here, and enjoy!


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