Friday, January 4, 2013

Tutorial: Disable Multitasking Gestures on your iPad

In my world, children using my iPad don't always have great fine or gross motor coordination.  Sometimes the child I'm with will use a whole handed approach to an app, which makes the iPad screen slide to a previous app.  The child and I don't like this!  :(
sliding to another app with 4 fingers approach

The "changing app" scenario is due to a feature on the iPad called 'Multi-Tasking Gestures'.  I'm sure this is a cool feature for some, but not for me.  I'm sure others of you have this problem too---as a matter of fact, two people were wondering how to turn it off today!   Read on for a solution!

Here's how to turn it off. It's easy!

1.  Go to 'settings'
 2. Go to 'general'.  Scroll down just a little to find 'Multitasking Gestures'.  It will be 'on'.

3.  Slide to 'off'.   You're done!

Have any other problems (with the iPad
and special needs kids?)  Leave a comment.


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