Saturday, January 12, 2013

Supervising Graduate Interns in Speech---Google forms to share

I should have taken more vitamin C!!!!!   I'm not doing too well tonight, but am still upright and inspired to share a couple of templates with you.

As many of you know, I really find Google Forms and Spreadsheets very useful, and now I've learned how to make templates of spreadsheets and forms to share.  With a template, you can use the document and not worry about others sharing the same spreadsheet.
Go here for a tutorial in making a Google form. Even though the tutorial relates Google forms to iPads, you do not need an iPad to record data into a form.

A portion of the form

more of the same form
 One of the uses I have with Google forms is in providing weekly feedback to speech-language graduate interns.  All of the comments and items filled in are sent to a shared spreadsheet.  This is a really nice way to keep up with everything she or he has to learn in my setting.  It's nice to do this weekly because both the intern and the SLP can document growth over time---initially a few boxes are checked and by the end of the semester, the intern has gained skills in many areas.

I've made a template for the two forms shown--one is for skill level in evaluations, and one is for skill level demonstrated in therapy.

I believe you can edit a bit once you get them, but if you need to do a complete overhaul, use this for ideas, and then develop your own forms.
Many of you, of course, work with different types of client needs in different settings. This is for an elementary school setting.

With the links below, click on the 'preview' button, then click on the 'use this template' button in the upper left. The initial thumbnail picture before clicking on those two places may not be adequate (google's fault).

click here to get SLP intern treatment skills form

click here to get SLP intern evaluation skills form 

The second form---Graduate intern's skill with assessments

more of the form

Summary of responses on a Google Spreadsheet.  You can share this easily with a graduate intern.


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