Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Collection

Hi Friends!  After a month overseas, I'm back, and with school starting up, I wanted to repost this modest collection of mainly free materials.

Look for more new stuff later---I've only been at work one day so far.   Sometimes, life takes over blogging and work. I loved our Indonesia visit, and seeing our awesome daughter navigate the culture, language, and school blew me away.

(repost from last year)

If you haven't been following my blog, you may not know that I now actually have a very small library of 'back to school themed' printables for all of your speech/language or special education needs.   Here they are!  This should work for you for a couple of weeks!  Just click on the links beside each picture.

"Things we do at School" printable book and icons.

Back to School Packet

Back to school Prepositions Bingo--free printable

What do you hear at school---free printable book with icons.

I hope your states are treating you better than North Carolina is treating its teachers!!!! Click on the link below the picture for a depressing picture of the state of our system (written by a teacher near Asheville).

                                           "I can no longer afford to teach."



  1. So sad. I saw that earlier. Wow - her kids are on Medicaid! On a happier note, I hope you are enjoying your beautiful new grand baby.

  2. Thank you so much for these books. Since I am starting this next year from scratch, I am very appreciative of all your free resources. And thank you for being an advocate for education in NC. The situation here in Seattle is definitely better than what is going on down there and I make a good living, and earn more than twice what this poor teacher was making. We are not a right to work state, have collective bargaining, and have a fairly strong union. But things are starting to change here too, and only time will tell how bad the changes will be. I wish you all well.

  3. These books are great! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    -Miss Speechie
    Speech Time Fun

  4. Thank you for your generosity in providing everything you've created for free. Your efforts are very much appreciated.


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