Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pre-K Spanish Phrases ---handy little cheat sheet

Two days left!   Wow, this year has gone by fast!

Of course, ESY (Extended School Year) begins next week, so no break for me.  My big vacation comes July 23rd when David and I head to Indonesia to see our wayward daughter. 

I have a quick free download for all of you.  My colleague worked with a graduate intern, Maggie Fitch, from UNC who put together a list of common words or phrases a teacher or SLP might need to tell a preschooler in Spanish. For easy use, there is also a guide to pronunciation!   For me, next year, this may need to be tattooed on my hands and arms for easy access.  I love graduate interns!!!!  They can be totally helpful!

partial screenshot

Click here to download the list! Share with teachers.

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